Owner Tips

12 tips for owners when renting out luxury villa rentals or luxury beach villas with tropicalislandrentals.com


1.  Having the right local house manager

Depending on the type and location of your holiday home, you are going to need someone either part time or full time to manage your rental property.  You need someone who can best represent both yourself as an owner and your holiday home.  Once your guest is at your property the onus falls directly on your manager to answer any queries and solve any problems that have arisen.  If you have a great house manager, you will have a holiday rental that runs like clockwork.

2.  Complete all of your online website listing

Holidaymakers like to see a full property listing, not with parts missing, especially prices. By all means take your time to compile your advert but do not leave it incomplete for too long, as holidaymakers will quickly move on to the next advert.

3.  Have great photo's

It is all too easy to find yourself spending hours of your time writing a beautifully descriptive piece about your holiday home when actually the first thing a holidaymaker will do is look at the photos of the property.  If your photo’s are not up to scratch (i.e. too dark/light, blurry etc.), then it will not matter a jot what you have written as you would have lost them already.  Cameras are great now so you can display some great pictures with relative ease.  However we would still say getting a professional photographer to take 10 or 12 pictures of your holiday home is money well spent.  You will see a marked improvement in the number of enquiry’s/bookings that you receive.

4.  Keep your availability calendar up to date

By keeping it up to date will mean you will not get wasted enquiry’s you have to deal with and will also indicate to the holidaymaker that you are actively using this website.  Do not leave your availability calendar empty to try and entice people in.  It will actually have the reverse effect and will put holiday makers off as they will think you are not using the advert or that your home is just not popular.

5.  Respond to a holidaymakers enquiry ASAP

It makes a huge difference.  If you can reply to your potenital guest the same day as they make the enquiry it massively increases your chances of securing the booking. Always try and check your email account and your voicemails daily to make sure you have picked up any enquiries.

6.  Be open to special offers and discounted rates

Everyone likes a discount…..fact.  One of the reasons the holidaymaker will come direct to you will be to get the best offer available.  Make sure you know your margins and be open to offers (within reason!) that might be put to you.  We offer an unlimited number of special offers that you can add to your advert at no extra cost so use this facility if you can.

7.  Make all your booking conditions clear

If you have secured a booking, make sure you have clear and precise terms and conditions so all parties know where they stand when renting your property.

8.  Have an efficient holiday booking system

When you start getting multiple bookings it is easy to quickly lose track of what you have sent out and what you haven’t, so create an efficient system which works for you.  This can be on your laptop/pc with reminders of when deposits/balances are due plus dedicated folders for each client and their correspondence or completely by hand in a folder on your desk.

9.  Offer different ways for your guest to pay

Potential guests may well feel nervous about transferring money to someone they haven’t met, so if you can present them with clear and concise payment methods this will minimise any issues they might have.  Being able to offer a credit card facility is a big plus as this provides the holidaymaker with added security.  This doesn’t have to be expensive either as it can all be done via Pay Pal.  It is also good to offer payments via bank transfer or by personal cheque.  Avoid payments by money orders, cashier cheques or instant cash wire transfers as these are often what scammers will use.

10.  Get reviews, reviews and more reviews

As a nation we are becoming obsessed by reviews and holiday villas are no different.  The more reviews you can have on your advert the better.   It will lead to more visitors looking at your holiday home.  Always encourage the guests that have stayed at your villa to write reviews on our website.

11.  Be nice!

Always be polite and friendly even if you are being pushed for a ridiculous discount! It is a customer service process and it will always make your potential guest feel at ease and more likely to book your property rental.

12.  Use different holiday marketing websites and social media

To spread the word of your holiday home use a few different holiday rental websites.  They all vary in costs but are notably cheaper than advertising in traditional print format.  Obviously a specific holiday rental website like Tropical Island Rentals is the best place to start!  Finally embrace social media.  Sign up for a Facebook and Twiiter account and make sure you ‘like’ and ‘share’ your advert on our site so that it spreads the word about your amazing property.  Encourage your guests to do the same as your holiday home will then get seen by more and more people at zero cost to you.


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